Reasons to use Transcription Services

Why should I transcribe

Do I need transcription in my business?

Every business needs accurately transcribed information in order to function efficiently. Typical business transcription service offerings include creating a text transcript of audio or video recordings of various business interactions such as meetings, conferences, workshops, presentations, etc., for present and future use.

Why Are Transcription Services Necessary?

Most companies require mandatory business transcriptions to avoid disputes, lawsuits later on and also to serve as proof in cases where disputes arise – It’s all about paper trail when disputes arise or when it comes to record keeping and compliance

By choosing First Corporate Secretaries as your transcription partner you will gain additional benefits such as:

  • Having text records of all your important documents – It is easier to refer to these.
  • You will have accurate material for all your communication to your stakeholders.
  • You can create alternative revenue streams by turning your audio material into downloadable content such as e-books or hard copy books or course material.

Why Use Professionals such as First Corporate Secretaries?

We are trained professionals in the transcription field. Your PA's or company secretaries won’t be able to match the speed, efficiency and eye for detail of our trained transcriptionists. Our outsourcing options will give you greater flexibility in your employment options as you only pay for what you need transcribed and not for a head sitting in the office.

Still not convinced? Here's what other companies say:

  • Provision of excellent accuracy levels.
  • Quick turnaround times.
  • Customized services that fulfil all legal requirements of your profession and industry
  • Guaranteed cost savings.
  • No need to worry about file formats and software for playing back audio files.

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